1.Building Contracting:

We have registered our stamp of class by executing prestigious projects in Civil & MEP fit-out varied domain and our operations extend to the following sectors of the industry


→ Permitting.
→ Site set-up, management & security.
→ Construction worker camp.
→ Screening, fencing, setting up temporary offices.
→ Demolition and site clearance.
→ Earthworks including excavation, filling and the construction of earth structures embankments, bunds.
→ Construction of temporary roads, car parks, storage areas.
→ Construction of foundations and structural works.
→ Construction of the envelope of the building principally the external facings, cladding and of windows.
→ MEP and their interface with civil and building work.
→ Plastering, screed, tiling & marble, stone cladding, Painting, and Joinery finishes.
→ Landscaping, interlock pavements, and habitat restoration/creation.
→ Startup operations and activities.

2. Civil fit out and refurbishment:

→ Authority & Landlord Permits.
→ Design and build showrooms, retail outlets, industrial and plant premises, and offices.
→ All types of drywall and ceiling construction.
→ Finishes including Paint, Wallpapers and decors.
→ Flooring finishes including Tiles, Marble/granite, raised floor and wooden flooring.
→ Glaze works and partitions.
→ MEP and their interface with building.
→ All types of Joinery work and finishes including wall claddings.
→ Authority and Landlord completion certification.

3. Mechanical, Electrical & Plumbing Services (MEP):

→ Electrical Engineering.
→ Mechanical.
→ HVAC Engineering.
→ Plumbing and Drainage System
→ Fire Fighting/Sprinkler System.
→ MEP Quantity Surveying Services.
→ Building Management Systems.
→ PA/CCTV/Access Control/UPS

4. Building General Maintenance (24/7 Helpline, Annual Maintenance Service)

5. Oilfield Contracting (Onshore - Civil)

6. Transport and logistics including rental of heavy equipment.

7. Export of Industrial steel scrap.

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